The Neocreatives Webring

Rules / guidelines

  • Be an art/creative personal site. Your site does not have to be solely about art or be a polished portfolio, but have an art section or have the stuff you make visible somewhere!
  • Be cool! Sites with hateful or discriminatory content will not be considered.
  • Have the webring widget added somewhere on your site! This isn't mandatory but the idea is to let people continuously surf art-related sites, so help keep the chain going.
  • Your website needs to be able to accept JavaScript, for functionality purposes.
  • This webring is for personal websites! It doesn't have to be hosted on neocities/use a neocities URL, but social media pages won't be considered.
  • This webring is focused on visual art, but we'd love to be affiliated with webrings for other disciplines, like musicians and writers. Hit us up if you run one!
  • The 'mature' label is also up to your own discretion when applying, if you feel it is appropriate for your own site. Keep in mind that all ages are allowed to join this listing, however, so primarily explicit art oriented sites may not be the best fit for the time being.

Moderation does reserve the right to remove or exclude sites at our discretion, though this is typically only in cases of hateful content or a lack of art on your website! We aren't picky, and everyone is welcome to join.

Keep in mind that this is a site run by one person at the moment, and all members are added by hand :-]. As the webring has been growing beyond my expectations, in the future this webring will likely be changed to a more automated system! I appreciate your patience for the time being.

Dead/non functioning links get removed, so please let us know if your information changes.

If you've got questions about these outlined rules, feel free to email at